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Proper ventilation can help solve many home comfort problems through air filtration, humidity & zone temperature control, and more!


Why install an Air Exchanger?

  1. Lower utility bills by reducing the load of air conditioning and heating systems in summer and winter.
  2. Unmatched comfort by limiting moisture entering your home and avoiding indoor dryness.
  3. Easier and less expensive installation, since these units don’t require a drain connection.

Venmar AVS air exchangers are offered in a wide range of models to accommodate any size home or ventilation requirements.

We can supply, install, and service the following systems:

  • Residential ventilation systems
  • Commercial ventilation systems
  • Residential heat exchangers
  • Commercial heat exchangers

We are the supplier and Service Agent for Venmar products.


Effective and efficient mechanical ventilation is an important part of a healthy indoor environment.

Today's homes are so well insulated that they trap humidity and pollutants indoors. Daily activities such as showering or washing dishes release moisture into the air. Over time, if this moisture cannot be evacuated, its accumulation will cause mold build up, unpleasant odours, and costly damages to the house structure - often in hidden places. When discovered, it's already too late. Modern-day airtight homes need mechanical assistance to stop moisture damage and protect indoor air quality.

Scientific research shows that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. According to specialists, central ventilation and filtration can effectively eliminate airborne pollutants and excess humidity, thereby protecting your family’s health and the structure of your house.


Ventilate with All Air

We can help determine if your home or building is prone to indoor air pollution problems. With proper ventilation and air circulation, a building can maintain excellent air quality that can help improve the health of those inside. We can find the best solution for your home or business.


How do air exchangers work?

Ventilation is a necessity for healthy air in your home. But what is the most cost-effective way to ventilate while retaining the energy used for heating and cooling? Venmar offers a wide range of air exchangers with Heat Recovery (HRV) and Energy Recovery (ERV) technologies.

These technologies help to minimize loss of heat or coolness as follows:

The HRVs transfer heat from exhaust air expelled from the house to the fresh air entering the house, without mixing the stale air and the fresh air. In addition, the ERVs limit the amount of moisture entering the house (ideal for humid climates). Venmar units provides Fresh Air at low cost!

During the heating seasons, heat is transferred from the warm indoor exhaust air into the cold outdoor supply air inside the HRV heat exchanger. The ERV heat exchanger not only transfers this heat, but transfers some of the moisture in the more humid exhaust air into the less humid supply air.

The 1.5 constructo unit has 66-150 CFM, washable foam filter, 5 years warranty and warranty on core limited lifetime.

Venmar is a leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of ventilation systems that makes it possible for us to offer our customers ventilation systems that meet their expectations.

We have other brands of air exchangers available to us, but we highly recommend this product because of its quality and warranty.

Venmar Air Exchangers


Commercial kitchen exhaust hoods are the most important, but often the most under-appreciated part of your restaurant and the ventilation system that connects to it. We can supply and install new exhaust hoods, or make alterations to your existing one.


Commercial ventilation / heat exchangers



Vanee with High CFM ventilation is for small business owners concerned about indoor air quality (excess moisture, smoke, odours and cleanliness).

Suitable for installation above a suspended ceiling, in a mechanical room, or suspended from a ceiling, this model delivers year-round comfort and sensible heat recovery with virtually no cross leakage. On this unit, the heat exchange efficiency can reach up to 60%.


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