All Air Ltd.

All Air Limited in Miramichi Is officially closed...  Thank you to all our clients for your support since 1973.

ALL AIR LTD. is officially closed! Thank you to all our clients for your Support!


All Air Limited in Miramichi has been providing commercial and residential heating and air solutions and service since 1972. With almost 50 years of experience in installation and repairs, our team is here to provide the best solution for your needs!

If you have a project in mind, call or email us at any time. We'll set up a time to come out and have a look at what needs to be done and provide you with a FREE estimate.

What we do

  • New Construction
  • Remodel
  • Panel Upgrade
  • Rewire knob & tube to new vinyl insulated wire
  • Landscape lighting
  • Certified Asbestos abatement


We specialize in complete electrical installation for schools, healthcare facilities, apartment buildings, governmental projects, prisons, D.O.T., retail & fast food buildings and more.

Call us at 506-778-1020

  • New construction
  • System repair or replacement
  • Emergency service
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Certified Asbestos abatement

Licensed Technicians, with years of experience and Red Seal Certification.



Are you still:

  • Heating only with electric baseboards / portable heaters?
  • Burning oil, propane or wood?

Start saving on your energy bill today with All Air!

We can assist you in selecting the right heating/cooling system for your home by choosing reliable and energy efficient equipment for maximum performance.


How efficient?

The efficiency of heating and cooling equipment is rated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher the unit's SEER rating the more energy efficient it is. Some of our systems have a SEER rating of over 38, giving you a heat saving cost of up to 40%  - without sacrificing comfort.



Our heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems are designed to suit your needs. We select each part of the system individually so that everything works at top efficiency to provide the comfort you need. All the system components are matched: the furnace, the condensing unit, fans and blowers, air conditioning coil, the duct work, etc. - to produce a heating and cooling system that will work best for you.

We'll discuss all the options with you so that you can make the best decision regarding your heating or cooling.



Most people take for granted the comfort provided by their central air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace until something goes wrong and the unit needs to be serviced or replaced. When this happens, you need a quality heating, ventilating, and air conditioning/refrigeration (HVAC) contractor who is knowledgeable, skilled and qualified to do the job.


Contact us today for a free consultation!



All Air Ltd – Your source for GREE Heatpumps

By All-Air Ltd. | January 30, 2020
GREE Heatpump

We’re proud to be the only dealer in Miramichi for GREE – the leading air conditioning supplier in the world for almost 30 years! GREE heat pumps are designed for extreme climates, helping Canadians save up to 70% in energy compared to conventional electric heating systems. Send us a message or give us a call…

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