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A heat pump is like a conventional air conditioner except it also can provide heat in winter. In the summer, the heat pump collects heat from the house and expels it outside. In the winter, the heat pump extracts heat from outside air and circulates it inside the house. The heat pump works best when the outdoor temperature is above freezing, however some of the newer models  will still produce heat with the temperature is as low as -21*C. Below that, supplementary heat may be needed.  Some heat pump system can save 30 to 60 percent less energy to supply the same heat when compared to an electric furnace with a resistance heating element.


The definition of home comfort has changed.

With the YORK Affinity Variable Capacity Residential Systems, home heating and air conditioning is smarter, more connected. more efficient and more reliable than ever before. Built for home comfort for the way you live. It is a new way of thinking that can only be found in these ground-breaking YORK systems that can cut electricity costs nearly 44%

Affinity Series - 12 up to 20 SEER Efficiency
This York Heat Pump System with high efficiency can dramatically lower operating costs.
You'll enjoy year 'round comfort with the Affinity energy efficient system that will pay for itself quickly.



York backs every Affinity series with one of the best warranty you'll find -  1-year limited labor warranty, lifetime compressor and 10-year parts limited.

The York LX Series has a 10-year limited warranty on compressor and a 10-year limited warranty on parts.


Please note: To be valid, the qualifying product must be registered on-line via www.upgproductregistration.com within 90 days of installation.

You can count on York  and us for total comfort and energy savings for all your heating and cooling needs.


Control is in your hands           

As part of a complete YORK Affinity system, our Wi-Fi enabled Affinity Hx™ touch-screen thermostat provides the ability to monitor and control system settings from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Wi-Fi Adapters
People may be mesmerized with smart thermostats, but if you want to be in the driver's seat and take your home's comfort to the next level without the added cost and confusion, installing a Wi-Fi adapter is your ticket.

Due to their ease-of-use and low cost, Wi-Fi adapters are easily one of the best control solutions on the market by retaining functionality of a programmable without sacrificing the convenience of a smart thermostat.

Water Source Heat Pump

The ground is able to maintain a higher rate of temperature consistency because it absorbs 47% of the suns energy (heat) as it hits the Earth's surface. WaterFurnace geothermal systems are able to tap into this free energy with an earth loop. This technology is then used to provide your home or office with central heating and cooling.




Water and Air source Heat pumps


Ductwork is required for all heat pumps, central air conditioning and electric furnaces.


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