Confined Spaces

Confined Space Certification is intended to protect workers from toxic, explosive, or asphyxiating atmospheres; from possible engulfment or entrapment; and from other hazards.
What is a confined space?

A confined space is a space that:

• Is enclosed or partially enclosed.
• Is not designed or intended for continuous human occupancy.
• Has restricted access.
• Is, or may become, hazardous because of its design, location, construction, atmosphere, the materials in it or other factors.

An example is the interior of a storage tank, occasionally entered by maintenance workers but not intended for human occupancy.

New Brunswick law requires that a competent person test the atmosphere in a confined space for oxygen level, flammable contaminants and toxic contaminants before any entry takes place. Never trust your senses of sight or smell – you cannot see, taste or smell many hazardous substances, or deficient or enriched oxygen, and you cannot hold your breath until you get out.