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Unpredictable Temperatures

  Farmers Almanac is predicting a very warm August. Had enough of it in July?  Change your Heating/Cooling System now to take advantage of a comfortable home all year round. We have various top of the line models to offer you with up to          10 years warranty. Not sure what type is…

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Farmers Almanac 2018

Summer will be warmer than normal, with the hottest periods in early July and mid-August. September and October will be slightly warmer and drier than normal. Ice Cream doesn’t cool you for long, however our various type of Mini-splits can keep your home or office comfortable during all seasons. Call us for more information. 506-778-1020.…

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Enter to Win a Free Mini Split Spring Cleaning

****CONTEST CLOSED**** Congratulations to Shasta Hosford! She is the winner of the Mini Split Spring Cleaning! Head on over to our Facebook page and like, share and comment to Win a Free Mini Split Cleaning. Includes inspection, Cleaning, Mold Check and treatment. $150* A little Information about mold, and having your Mini Split: Yvonne Colbert, Consumer Watchdog stated…

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Worried about Mold in your Mini-Split

Yvonne Colbert, Consumer Watchdog stated on the CBC News: “As more and more homeowners turn to heat pumps to save money on heating and cooling their homes, many seem unaware of the potential for mould buildup and the need for regular deep cleaning.” If you have moisture, heat, warmth, and darkness anywhere, your going to…

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